Not For Dummies?

This morning, I was talking about stuff with Nanda about several random stuff. After several chit-chat, we hit ‘For Dummies’ e-book series as the topic. We talk about the diversity of ‘For Dummies’. How the titles are incredibly varied from science subject, such as ‘Calculus For Dummies’, to social subject, such as ‘Relationship For Dummies’. It even has what-i-thought-was-silly title such as ‘Breathing For Dummies’ and ‘Dating For Dummies’.

Out of nowhere, a good question comes out of Nanda’s mouth. He said, “Is there any ‘Aerospace Engineering For Dummies’ or ‘For Dummies’ series related to aerospace engineering?”

“No, there isn’t. I have check it several times and found nothing.”

“Why?”, Nanda replied.

Yeah, I wonder why. They have all those titles but not one is related to aerospace engineering. They have all those software tutorial series such as ‘C++ For Dummies’, ‘Python For Dummies’, ‘autoCAD For Dummies’, etc, but none about aerospace engineering software such as Fluent or Datcom or Patran Nastran.

But then I respond spontaneously, “Because aerospace engineering ain’t for dummies.”

Yeah, I was right. I admitted that I was partly joking, but my statement wasn’t wrong either. Hey, this stuff (aerospace engineering science) is not some easy stuff to do. Trust me, designing an aircraft with so many contradicting requirement is a very complicated and messy job. That’s why it does make sense that there is no ‘Aerospace Engineering For Dummies’ in ‘For Dummies’ series. 😀

Note: In this post, I didn’t mean to say that aerospace engineering is very hard. In facts, it is very interesting (at least for me). What I do want to say is “Please someone write Aerospace Engineering For Dummies and publish it.” because it would make life easier for those would like to learn this stuff. 😀



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2 Responses to Not For Dummies?

  1. wow.. nice perspective!

    keep productive my bro! using your “free” time with blogging, blogging and blogging

  2. chella cute says:

    Hmm(⌣_____⌣ =-?) Hmmm ◦°◦º
    …Ketauan suka makan gaji buta…

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