Aerodynamics Toolbox

This week, I had several discussion with my friends. We have done a lot of MATLAB coding for a lot of stuff, especially for computational fluid dynamics problem. It can be just a simple classical thin airfoil theory or even the direct numerical simulation (DNS) (Well, maybe no one has ever does this in ITB:D, but I’m pretty sure someone will:D). I’m also sure that there are a lot of people in this world that does the same things. Sadly, up until now, there is no aerodynamics or fluid dynamics toolbox.

And then, I was thinking. Maybe its not a bad idea to create aerodynamics toolbox for MATLAB. In fact, it would be awesome if we can do that and share it with the whole world (Imagine, you don’t have to worry about those nasty PDE to solve aerodynamics problem). So, I decided that I will start creating this toolbox and share it to the whole world. I will search my archives for any m-files that I have created that may be useful to be shared. I will also try to create new m-file to complete this toolbox.

When I talked about this crazy idea to my friends, they look interested in this. I also bluff to them that I will share minimum of one m-file everyday. So, here I am, posting the first two m-files for aerodynamics toolbox in my MATLAB Aerodynamics Toolbox page.

Please feel free to download the m-file. If you have any suggestion or critics or improvement idea for those codes, don’t hesitate to contact me. You can also see all the m-files for aerodynamics toolbox in my shared aerospace resource page.

Last but not least, if any of you want to join me and share your precious codes for aerodynamics toolbox, just send me your codes and I’ll put them on the list:D…



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2 Responses to Aerodynamics Toolbox

  1. tephie says:

    I have Blade Element Momentum (BEM) code for wind turbine design validation tool based in python with some feature of optimization and noise calculation.
    there are 6 core BEM codes with different correction algorithm.

  2. linkse says:

    it wud be helpful! Do it as you ‘ve promised! 😀

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