Potential Flow Sim

Okay, so I have created 3 m-file function for aerodynamics toolbox so far and all of them is airfoil vertex generation function. Actually, there are one more NACA series (which is series 6) which I haven’t code for its vertex generation, but I’m kinda bored with airfoil generation stuff. So, I looked back to my Aerodynamic textbook and decided to do potential flow sim.

Badaboom badabang, so here is the m-file function for 2D potential flow sim in my MATLAB Aerodynamics Toolbox page. In short, this code creates a flow field based on the given elementary flow such as uniform flow, source/sinks, doublet, and vertex. You just pick any elementary flow that you like and combine it.

To input the elementary flows that you wanted, you need to fill in a nx4 array. I know it is a bit complicated but you’ll understand how to do it from the instruction that I’ve wrritten in the code (use ‘help PotentialFlow2DSim.m’ command to view the instruction!). Here is several potential flow that I created using this function.

Uniform + 2 Source FlowUniform + Doublet Flow

Uniform + Doublet + Vortex Flow

I’m planning to make a GUI for this function since it will look much nice with GUI. In the meantime, I need you guys to give me any feedback on this code:D.



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3 Responses to Potential Flow Sim

  1. Mike says:

    I’m an aero/mech engineering student at Rennselaer Polytechnic Inst. and I just stumbled across your blog. I just downloaded your potential flow simulation and wow is it fun! haha

    I was never taught Matlab yet still responsible for knowing it. Do you know of any good books or sources for learning the program?


    • Hi, Mike…

      Its good to know that there are other aero engineering student out there:D… Actually, I was learning MATLAB myself so I don’t know any good book about matlab, but here is a good book i found on http://library.nu about MATLAB:
      http://megaupload.com/?d=3AORNDMH (the password for the archive is ebooksclub.org)
      You can also search at matlab central at mathworks.com. They share alot of code there too:D.


  2. Mike says:

    Wow thanks!

    I’ve just begun to delve into your programs to learn more..
    I noticed you put more up too.. keep them coming! haha


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