Logo and Icon for This Blog

I’ve thinking for some time about the icon of this blog that shows up on the IE tab. It is defaulted to wordpress logo (Yeah, of course, because wordpress host this blog:D). It is a nice icon actually, but I think it would be nicer to have my own logo to put on as icon:D.. So, I spent some time in this weekend digging up my amateur skill in Illustrator and created three logo. Here are the candidates.


Logo Candidate Numbe One

Logo Candidate Number Two

Logo Candidate Number Three

Well, I personally liked logo number three, but unfortunately, I have a bad taste (or weird should I say?) of esthetics. That’s why I’m posting the logos here. Hope I could get a few vote which logo should I use or a few comment to improve the esthetics of the logo for this blog. Please don’t be shy to leave comment (because I don’t get much comment on this blog lately, hiks T T).



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3 Responses to Logo and Icon for This Blog

  1. linkse says:

    Pen, what is the meaning of O ).( ? Is there any? I vote for no 1, quite simple. Though not to agree with the lines (as ur special-characteristic when designing) but the most left line.

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