Everyone, meet Ample the example plane!

In my first post, I promised you that I will post and share useful stuff in this blog. One of those ‘useful stuff’ that I would like to share is my self made tutorial about how to create an airplane with Plane-Maker. I know it would be a very useful stuff for my junior especially those who are taking aircraft design course. Why? Because you can build your airplane here and fly it. You can use it for performance evaluation or even just for showing off to your friend (as i did :D). Unfortunately, I dont know where to start this tutorial:D..

So, I was thinking, maybe it better if I show you first how to create a simple aircraft before getting into the general tutorial. And,, before I knew it, I have created an example plane for tutorial purposes. Everyone, here is Ample the Example Plane.

The thing with Ample is that I don’t do any flight mechanics calculation when I decided its configuration. I just put the wing there and the tail there, and there is, Ample. I have tried to fly it, it seems quite stable and controllable (although maybe not efficient). So, please don’t expect anything from Ample’s performance.

I will be making ‘How to Create Ample’ tutorial shortly, I hope I can finish it in this year and post it as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, you can download Ample in my X-Plane Aircraft Model page and try to fly it. Have fun.



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