Source Panel Method

Fiuh, the last couple of weeks has been very crazy. I was too busy reading paper about PIV and creating my own PIV code while going out everyday (yeah, since it’s christmas and new year holiday). Finally, the code was done (although I still got several paper to read and several PIV methods to be coded:D), and I decided to code a little for my aerodynamics toolbox.

Still about potential flow, I decided to create a code for 2D source panel method. It is actually the first numerical method that I learned in my undergraduate. At that time (when I was still young), our aerodynamics lecturer told us to do source panel method manually. Yeah, it was for circle with eight panels and it was very tiring. I dunno if the lecturer still asks the underclassmen to do the same thing. Anyway, I created the source panel method for 2D flow and post it on my MATLAB Aerodynamics Toolbox page with some other pontetial flow related code.

Source panel method result for a circle

Source panel method result for simple diamod airfoil

I’ve check the code for circle and the resulting cp on each panels match the theoritical result accurately. I’ve also checked the code for simple diamond airfoil. I don’t know whether the cp distribution was correct but I found that the resulting cl is increased for every AoA increment. So, I just assumed that the code is already correct (hehe). You can download them and use them as you like, but please tell me if you found any mistakes in the code:D.



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