Bezier Curve

Yesterday, I was reading papers about airfoil parameterization. There are a lot of parameterization that can be done for airfoil, one of them is by using Bezier curve. Bezier curve is a parametric curve that can be drawn from several control points, where the first control point will be the starting point of the curve and the last control point will be the end point of the curve (see Wikipedia article regarding Bezier Curve for more explaination on Bezier Curve).

After I read the papers, I knew that I will need a function to create Bezier curve for my airfoil parameterization code. Unfortunately, I checked MATLAB’s documentation and I didn’t found any built-in function for Bezier curve. I looked up the internet and I found several codes for Bezier curve but none of them are general. All of them are specified for a certain order Bezier number with a certain number of control points. Since I have nothing to do, I decided to make the code and post them here.

Here are several result of my code. I also tried to create a simple symmetric airfoil using three control points Bezier curve for both upper and lower surface and it looked quite nice. I was hoping that in the few days I will post another code for airfoil generation as the continuation using this Bezier curve. In the meanwhile, you can check out this Bezier curve code in my MATLAB Aerodynamics Toolbox page.

The resulting Bezier curve generated from 5 control points

The resulting Bezier curve generated from 5 control points

The resulting Bezier curve generated from 12 control points

The resulting airfoil surface generated from Bezier curve

PS: Currently I’m at campus and unable to upload the code to megaupload because my campus proxy blocks megaupload. I will upload the code as soon as I have access to megaupload. Please be patient.



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2 Responses to Bezier Curve

  1. Abhishek Khare says:

    Thanks Stepen, I was looking for some thing like this. It was useful. Good work, keep going dude.

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