Flutter Airship

When I was a kid, I played a lot of playstation games. One game that I liked a lot is Megaman Legends (or Rockman Dash for japanese version). In this game, the hero, megaman, owns a big airship that he use for transportation and for his home. The name of the airship is Flutter. So, few days back, I decided to research a bit and build the X-Plane model of flutter and voila, its done.


Since Flutter’s geometry is relatively easy to build, so I decided to learn how to create Plane-Maker object using Blender for all of Flutter’s bodies and wings. It was quite difficult but fortunately I managed to do it. With this method, Flutter’s geometry become alot nicer and smoother. Unfortunately, the downside is that you can’t apply any livery for the Blender object. However, since there is no need to change Flutter’s livery (Man, there is only one Flutter airship in the world!), so I decided to go on and not to bother with the painting.

After I imported all the Flutter’s bodies, several important geometry such as wings must still be defined in Plane-Maker or they won’t generate any lift. Then I realized something. Flutter’s wings are very, very tiny. Since Flutter is the home and living quarter of three person (Megaman, Roll, and Gramps), it must be very, very heavy. I highly doubt that the wings will be sufficient to provide lift to fly Flutter. So, I decided to make Flutter into an airship while its small wings will be acting as a horizontal stabilizer.

After a few flight test and error correction, finally Flutter is finished and ready to be flown. You can download Flutter from my X-Plane Aircraft Hangar page and try to fly it. I must warn you though that Flutter’s manuverability is very bad. Don’t try to do anything funny with it or it’ll crash straight away:D.



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