Minesweeper in MATLAB

After I post my TicTacToe game in MATLAB, a friend of mine challenges me to make minesweeper game in MATLAB. Since minesweeper is a single player game and do not requires any AI in it, it will be relatively easier to make than TicTacToe. So, I took the challenges.

Last weekend, I toss my thesis aside and spent two hours making the minesweeper game and turns out that I have a problem in creating function for marking the bomb (which is done by right-clicking in Window’s miesweeper). So to overcome this, I decided to go wild, break the format, and offer a new gameplay (means that I still don’t know how to get input from right clicking in MATLAB). After another half hour, it is finally done :D.

MATLAB Minesweeper – Screenshot 01

MATLAB Minesweeper – Screenshot 02

MATLAB Minesweeper – Screenshot 03

MATLAB Minesweeper – Screenshot 04

Above are several screenshots of my minesweeper game. You can download this game from my MATLAB Fun Toolbox pages. Your critics and comment are welcomed, especially if you find a bug in this game. Please tell me so I can correct it. Hope you enjoy this game.



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2 Responses to Minesweeper in MATLAB

  1. Hicha Aquino says:

    Yeah, you hit that challenge!
    What about the function of “right click”?

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