Thesis Log – 2011March4th

Start of Log

Today is the fourth of March 2011, 12.39PM. I finally wake up from my slumber after staying awake all night long at McD Dago to do my thesis. My thesis is progressing well. Now, it is already 36 pages of writing and will be more since there are several picture that haven’t been inserted yet. However, I would like to say that yesterday wasn’t a productive day. Why? Let me tell you why.

Yesterday, at noon, I decided to take a break to Ciwalk and grab some soda freeze to refresh myself. Unfortunately, the machine’s CO2 is out, so,they only have soda liquid, which is not too refreshing for me. So, I decided to wander a bit at Ciwalk, grab something to eat, looking some shoes, and watch a movie. Before I know it, it was already 6PM. Yeah, I wasted a day doing nothing.

Fortunately, I was able to catch up for my slack off. I stayed awake all night long yesterday and manages to write 4 pages and do several code optimization. Now I’m off to campus to do some more work. Hope that today will be a productive day.

End of log

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