NS-01 Strigate and Its Aircraft Family

At 2008, me and several of my friends from KMPN (the student communtiy of aerospace engineering) were forming a team to design and manufacture an UAV for NCKU UAV Design Competition that held annually in Taiwan. We designed a small tandem-wing UAV called NS-01 Strigate and flew to Taiwan to participate in the competition. Despite all the problems that we had during the competition, we won two awards: the lowest fuel consumption award and the best presentation award (check out the picture below, it was me and my team with NS-01). Ever since then, every year, KMPN sends a team to participate in the competition.

NS-01 and Its Creator

NS-01 Team Wins Two Awards

NS-01 Teams with Prof Lee

Recently, at 26-28 February 2011, another KMPN team (with my junior as the members) flew to Taiwan to participate in the competition. They brought with them a modified version of NS-01, NS-03, with several improvement from the older version. Unfortunately, they didn’t win anything. However, I would like to say to you guys: “Don’t worry too much about winning or losing. You did a hell of a job in this and you should be proud of yourself and keep your heads high!”.

So, somewhere in February, when the teams were getting ready to go to the competition and they became a hot issue at the campus, I decided to re-live my own past and made the very own NS-01 in Plane-Maker. It was relatively quick and easy to make NS-01 in Plane-Maker since its shape is simple. So, I also created the Blender model of it.

After NS-01 was successfully built in Plane-Maker, I thought that it will be a good idea if NS-03 is also made in Plane-Maker and flown in X-Plane in Taiwan for show-off purposes (Yeah, I do like to show-off:D). So I told the teams about my idea and offer them to made NS-03 in Plane-Maker for them. It turned out that they accepted my idea and long story short, NS-03 was successfully built in Plane-Maker.

Here are several screenshot of NS-01 and NS-03 in Plane-Maker and X-Plane:


After both UAVs are done, I tried to fly both of them and found that NS-03 is more stable than NS-01. NS-01 have the tendency to pitch up at all times and it was very hard to mantain trimmed flight with it. On the other hand, NS-03 is much more easier to fly. Thanks to the extended size of vertical tail and the addition of horizontal tail (that NS-01 doesn’t have).

As usual, I’m gonna share this aircraft to you. You can download NS-01 and NS03 in my X-Plane Aircraft Hangar page and try to fly it yourself. I hope you enjoy it.



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One Response to NS-01 Strigate and Its Aircraft Family

  1. Hicha Aquino says:

    correction -> lowest fuel consumption award and best report!

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