Thesis Log – 2011March11th

Start of Log

Today is the eleventh of March, 11.23AM. I just went through a 12-hours hibernation after having only 2 hours sleep for the last two days. It has been a week since the last thesis log and currently my thesis is 41 pages.

Earlier this week, I found out the my codes architecture is messy and very unstructured. So, I decided to re-arrange my code architecture and spent more time in this instead of writing my thesis. That’s why I only managed to add 5 more pages to my thesis for a week. However, now, my code are structured and works as expected, so from now on, I don’t have any coding to do. I will be focusing on writing my thesis while performing numerical simulation in background to evaluate my code.

I hope that I will be more productive in writing my thesis from now on. My target is 3-5pages a day. Let’s hope that I can meet my daily goals today.

End of Log

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