Tips for Flying 3ch Indoor RC Helicopter

As I said my last post about my RC Helicopter, I promised to keep training with my V-Max. So, despite my business doing thesis, I managed to find 10 minutes spare time for me to fly my V-Max around my room everyday. I’ve been doing that for the past two months. And now, I can safely say that I’ve successfully mastered flying V-Max or 3ch RC helicopter.

Since I’ve mastered this indoor RC helicopter, I decided to take it to the next level. Yep, I’m going to buy bigger RC, something that can be flown outdoor and withstand winds. I’ve been doing research on internet and from the all forum that I visited, most of them recommend Esky Honey Bee 2 for beginners. It is 4ch RC helicopter with overall around 0.5m. This helicopter cost 1.5million rupiah if I’m not mistaken. Thanks to a bet with my mom that I won, my mom agrees to buy this thing for me. Yay! However, I’m not gonna rush it. I will do more research on internet to make surew that this is the right RC for me.

In the meanwhile, I thought that I could share several tips for you who are currently learning how to fly 3ch indoor RC helicopter. So, here are my tips:

    • Never fly this RC outdoor. Yeah, I mean it. These types of RC helicopter is very small and light, so, if you fly this RC outdoor, a little gust of wind may drift your RC away, or even make t uncontrolable and crash. I’ve tried myself to fly my V-Max outdoor and it cannot fight the wind and is being drifted away. Luckily, i was able to land V-Max before it crashes. If you think that there is no wind outdoor, you may fly your RC, but, at your own risk.
    • Set throttle to zero in case of emergency. When you are learning to fly, at some points, you may hit an obstacle such as wall or ceiling or do something that makes your RC loses its stability and hard to control. When you do, your best bet is to put your throttle all the way down. Yes, your RC will crash to ground if you put the throttle down, but don’t worry, your RC is designed to stand a crash from 2-3 metre. If you keep the throttle on, your RC may crash will its power on (main rotor still spinning) and this may cause damage to your RC rotor blade and your RC motor and you may injure yourself or break something in your room with your RC. So, put the throttle down in case of emergency.
    • Prepare something soft for your RC to crash land. Yeah, something soft. In my case, I was playing my V-Max inside my room, so I used my bed as a place for my RC to crash lands. So, whenever I want to try somethingstupid or when I learned how to land, I always do it on the top of my bed.
    • Fight the rotation. When you first put some throttle, your RC will fly a few height from the ground, but it will also spins (yaws) to the left or to the right. Your first job will be to counteracts your this yaw rotation. Push the right stick to the left or right accordingly to counteracts your RC’s rotation. If you already getting some sense in ths, then try using trim button to counteract your RC’s rotation.
    • RC-Oriented. Yup, the controller in your hand is RC oriented, not you-oriented. So, when order your RC to let’s say move forward, it will move forward relative to its current orientation, not relative to you. This is the kind of problem that I was hard to deal at first. At first, I have to think first to overcome this orientation problem, this making my response slower. However, as you keep on training, eventually, you’ll get this instantly without thinking.
    • Set a challenges. After you managed to control the RC well, its time to put up some challenge to improve your skill. You can do a simple challenge such as landing at a certain spot. Or, if you are crazy enough like me, you can set some obstacle and fly your RC pass these obstacle. It’s hard, but it’s fun.

Well, I think that’s all that I’m gonna say for today. I hope this tips helps.



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3 Responses to Tips for Flying 3ch Indoor RC Helicopter

  1. Santosh says:

    Thanks for the tips. I too first bought one of those two channels choppers and stopped flying (crashing!) them. I then got a 3-ch one similar to the Vmax you have. It’s called X-power. I am still learning to fly. I am sure it will be fun once you can fly it as per your wish!

  2. manuj says:

    thanks for the tips……….i am buying a r/c helicopter….whether i should buya 2 channel or 3 channel helicopter…

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