Jesus Bolt

Today, I was taking a little break from mt thesis and decided to do a little more research on RC helicopter. Yeah, if you read my last post about tips for flying 3ch indoor RC helicopter, you must know that I intended to buy a lerger outdoor RC helicopter. So, right know I’m in the middle of internet research to find the best RC helicopter for me and to know more about flying the helicopter.

Just now, I was googling about glossary of terms for RC Helicopter and came across a funny term called Jesus bolt. Jesus bolt is a term for a bolt which is holding the main mast of helicopter to its frame. The purpose of this Jesus bolt is to keep the spinning helicopter rotor attached to its frame so the helicopter can fly. Usually, every RC helicopter has two Jesus bolt in it (Try googling Jesus bolt to see what it looks like).

The funny thing about Jesus bolt is how Jesus bolt got its name. Yep, ‘Jesus’ in Jesus bolt came from Jesus the son of God. Apparently, Jesus bolt is a very important part of RC helicopter. If either one of Jesus bolt is loose or break, the helicopter’s rotor will fly away separately from the RC helicopter, the RC helicopter will crash to the ground, and you (who is, I assume, the pilot of the RC helicopter) will shout, “Oh, Jesus!”.

I know that Jesus bolt  may not sound funny for most of you, but I found the concept for naming the part is funny. Imagine, if this naming concept is applied to other parts of vehicle. It’ll be hilarious. There will be strange name, such as God’s beam (because if this beam is broken, you’ll shout “Oh, God!”), mama’s support (because if this support is broken, you’ll shout “Oh, mama!”), and other stuff.

Well, anyways, this posting is not meant to insult Jesus or the bolt. It is only meant for information sharing only. Hope you find this useful (and hopefully entertaining too!)



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