Thesis Log – 2011March19th

Start of Log

Today is the ninetenth of March, 2.00PM. It’s been a week since my last thesis log. Currently, I already have 53 pages of writing an is waiting for error analysis on my MATLAB to finish. I know it didn’t meet my 3pages/day goal, but I think I’m steadily progressing. Unfortunately, now I got more work to do for my thesis. Why? Let me tell you the story.

Two days ago, I was meeting my advisor in the lab. I told him that I’ve finished with my deformation PIV code and I’m currently doing error analysis. Then, he talked to his other student whose thesis is about Genetic Algorithm (GA). After he finished talking with this student, he suddenly remembered that I once showed him a paper about PIV measurement using GA and told me to make it. Now I have one more method to do:/.

Right now, since the error analysis occupied my MATLAB and it seems to be endless, I can’t use MATLAB on my HP laptop. So, i decided to install MATLAB to my Smart laptop and do IV-GA coding here. Although I don’t know if my Smart laptop can run MATLAB or not (Usually I only use my SMART laptop for internet), I think I should give it a try. It’s better than biting my nails while waiting for the error analysis to be done. So, wish me luck with my PIV-GA coding.

End of Log

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