Laptop’s Battery Life

Around one year ago, I accidentally dropped my laptop’s battery (luckily just the battery not with the laptop) when I was carrying my laptop downstair in my home. The fall was quite high and it caused my battery to crack a little. After I dropped it, I was scared that it will be broken, so, I taped the crack with a cellotapes (It is selotip in Indonesia, I don’t know what is it in English:D) and tested it back wh my laptop. At that time, my battery seems to be working and no problem.

4-6 month after that, I never left my home, so, I always use AC power when I use my laptop and never plug my battery in. Later on, I decided to go somwhere with my laptop, so I decided to charge my battery before going (because batter life will always depleted even if you are not using it) and I found a problem. Notification in system tray says “Plugged in, not charging” and my battery charging LED was blinking instead of keep turn on. No matter how long you wait, it keeps saying that my batter power is 0%. The worst part is that I cannot turn my laptop with battery power. So, I figured out that there must be something wrong with my battery.

From that time until now, I still can’t use my battery and must always find an AC power source to use my laptop. A bit of inconvinience, but it is better than cannot work at all. So, to end my misery, last week, I went to my laptop’s customer support to order a new battery. I talked a little about my case (tthe falling) and found out a shocking truth about laptop’s battery.

You all may already know that every action of charging and discharging your battery will cause your battery to lose its electric storing capacity gradually until it is completely unusable. So, to keep the battery in good condition, most people try to avoid using their battery unless it is unavoidable. Most people (including me) unplugged the battery from laptop at most times to keep it good. Well, it is the common sense.

Unfortunately, if the battery is not charged/discharged for a significant amount of time, they also loses their electric storing capacity. I don’t know whether this is the real truth or not (I’m too lazy to google this), but it is the most common case that happens in my laptop’s service center. Most people claims that their battery is dead after being not used for months.

So, how to treat laptop’s battery so it will last forever? Unfortunately, nothing last forever. Laptop’s battery is usually design for 3-5 years usage. After that, It will be dead. So just use it normally. When your battery is not 100%, charge it until it is 100% and then unplugged it. When it is 100%, unplugged it and use it until maybe 50% and charge it again. Remember to avoid overcharge. Just that.

Hope this helps you, people with broken laptop battery:D



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3 Responses to Laptop’s Battery Life

  1. Hicha Aquino says:

    eh, katanya laptop2 jaman sekarang sebaiknya tetap di plug in ke AC power walaupun batere-nya udah penuh. Ini lebih baik daripada cabut-pasang. soalnya adaptor jaman sekarang udah dilengkapin dengan pemutus arus. ini gw baca di… (lupa)

    PS: maap ye ga pake, lagi males.. 😛

    • Wow, thank you for your information, Cha…

      It was said that for today’s laptop, it is better to keep plug in the AC power although your battery is already full because it is already equipped with automatic circuit breaker.

  2. Nice posted article, it really helps all the laptop owner for maintaining their laptop in good functioning. keep on posting. thank you.

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