Thesis Log – 2011March28th

Start of Log

Today is 28th of March 2011. March is almost over and in a few days it will be April. Currently, my thesis is already 58 pages (Yeah, I know, only 5 pages addition since the last thesis log). Several error analysis simulations has been done and the result shows a good agreement with several literature and references (Yay!). However, I still haven’t do anything for PIV-GA coding and Force Determination coding because my MATLAB was occupied by the error analysis simulation. Hopefully I can get this done in this week.

I know I’m getting less improvement on my writing. Only 5 pages addition in 10 days. It is because I need to re-write several part of my thesis that I think is bad because I’m stuck at this one part. It about Discrete/Continouos Window Shift in PIV. I don’t know how to explains this part well. Every word seems to be wrong everytime I write one paragraph. So, I deleted the whole paragraph and started over again. This continues for like 10 times and until now I still can’t find the right words to explain this part.

On the other hand, my error analysis simulations were going well. Up to now, the result are good and as I expected. However, there are still more to come. So, it is still too early to feel happy and satisfied.

Still related to my error analysis simulation, I found something ‘funny’ with my laptop’s memory usage and I would like to share it to you (although it is maybe not funny for you). Two picture below show the printscreen on my laptop in the middle of a simulation. See that the memory usage graph is forming a saw-like line. At the beginning of an iteration, the memory usage goes up linearly (because MATLAB was computing some variables and they are stored in RAM) and then after an iteration end, the memory usage drops (because MATLAB cleared all variables that is used for iteration and only storing the result of iteration), and so on. Thus, a saw-like graph is formed. I know that this is maybe common in all numerical simlations, but t is my first time seeing this thing, so I’m fascinated and amazed by it:D.

 My Desktop – Screenshot 01

My Desktop – Screenshot 02

Well, I think I’ve write too much for this thesis log. So I’m gonna stop my whining now and get back on my thesis. Once again and as always, wish me luck guys…

(Note: I found it funny that I regularly reported my thesis progress on my blog but not to my advisor)

End of Log

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