Thesis Log – 2011April05

Today is 5th April, 3:34PM. It has been just three days from my last thesis log and I haven’t had any significant progress on my thesis writing (Only 2 pages addition since the last log). However, I would like to share my happiness because today our lab successfully managed to control out AC motor by using external signal. With this, now we can control the motor as we like by using external analog signal and soon, I will be doing flapping wing experiments. Yay!

Actually, in the past, this AC motor has already been used by me and my senior to translate the wing for flapping experiments. Unfortunately, because of the lack of knowledge in the inverter (for you who doesn’t know, inverter is a device used to control the AC motor), we used front panel inverter to manually control the motor. Hence, the movement generated is not accurate and synchronous with the other device because it relies on our timing in pushing the buttons:D (Yeah, we use stopwatch to time when to push the button:D).

Now, with external analog signal used to feed the command to the inverter, we can control the movement of wing generated by the AC motor automatically. No more button pushing in the middle of experiments and stopwatch timing. With this, the movement will be more accurate, perfectly timed and can be easily synchronized with the other device (such as camera, etc). However, this is still the first step. Some works must still be done in generating a good analog signal for the inverter.

So, now, I’m gonna leave MATLAB for awhile and see my long-have-not-be-used program: Arduino to program my board for the signal generation. But first, I must go to KFC first to fill my stomach (because you can’t code in empty stomach:D). Wish me luck on this one:D…

 End of Log

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