Thesis Log – 2011April10

Start of Log

Today is 10th of April 2011. Yesterday was a graduation day in ITB. Three of my friends from Fast-Track program has successfully completed their graduate study in Fast-Track mode and graduated yesterday (Congrats to you guys!). On the other hand, me and my three other friend failed to graduate yesterday, hence making us no longer in Fast-Track mode (Shame on us:D). It was such a big dilemma to me. I was happy for my friends but I felt sad for myself because I was failed and left behind. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be a reason to make me feel down. Instead, now I’m more motivated to make up for my loss and work hard in order to graduate in July 2011.

Currently, my thesis writing is already 70pages and I’m planning to write more tonight, right after I post this thesis log. My error simulation is still on going, but I can already make several plot and it is a good result. I hope nothing goes wrong in this simulation. On the other hand, I also think that I should start worrying my experiments. I’m gonna start preparing tools in my lab and starts writing several data acquisition code. For my experiment, I actually has two experiments in mind. One is flapping wing and the other on is rotating oscillatory cylinder. I was hoping to do both (if I have sufficient time).

Well, I think that’s all for today. Now, I’m going back to writing my thesis. Wish me luck, guys….

End of Log

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