Thesis Log – 2011April21

Start of Log

Today is 21st of April 2011. It has been ten days since my last post and I can safely says that today is officially a bad day. Why? Here is the story:

Wednesday last week, I happened to read MATLAB’s fan page on facebook stating that a MATLAB contest were started and the deadline for code submission is today. Since this is the first time I see a contest which involves engineering, I decided to participate. Why not? It’s free and nothing to lose. So, starting thursday last week, I tossed my thesis aside and worked hard for this contest. It is about a code for crossword puzzle. You can check out the details of the contest at Mathworks’ website.

Until this morning, I kept working on my code and still can’t beat the score of the code that already been posted. So I decided not to burden myself by aiming for the win. Instead, I would just post my best code just before deadline and see where do I stands between all MATLAB experts. So, three hours ago, I posted my best code just 15minutes before the deadline and 15minutes later, I was notified that my code was not scored because it failed the test cases. Why? Because I use ‘clear’ command in my code (hiks). So, my code was failed and I didn’t get to see my ranks (:/).

To make today worst, after I got the failure notification, I flew my VMax to raise my mood and I accidentally crashed it very hard, causing the Jesus bolt cracks. Because of the cracks, it cannot hold the rotor tightly and as the consequences, VMax tends to roll left as I increase the throttle and flew wildly. I’m still hoping that a strong glue can fix this problem. If not, then I’m gonna have to buy a new one(:/).

Well, I think that’s enough about my blabbering. Now, let’s get back to my thesis progress report. Currently my writing is 75 pages (no significant progress) while I’m starting to plot something from my simulation and starts preparing for the experiments. Just today, I managed to control both motor and servo simultaneously with Arduino and tomorrow, I’m gonna combine it with the image acquistion.

So, I think that’s all I’m gonna write for today. As usual, wish me luck with my thesis and please help me pray to God that  a strong glue can fix VMax:D…

End of Log

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