Another Toys: Ferly RC Helicopter

Last week, I was very stressed out and accidentally crashed my V-Max very hard. There is no significant damaged on the fuselage. However, later on, I found out that one of two bolts that are connecting the upper main rotor with the stabilizer rod was cracked and was out of the place. I tried to fixed it in place but after I increased the throttle up to some point, the bolt went off again and making my V-Max’s upper rotor unable to keep its balance level. Because of this, my V-Max can not elevate stable as before.

Here is the picture of my broken blot. I don’t know if you can see the crack, but it is there.

My V-Max’s Broken Bolt – Photo 01

My V-Max’s Broken Bolt – Photo 02

My V-Max’s Broken Bolt – Photo 03

Although I’m sad because of this, I still think that a power glue might fixed the problem. I still don’t have time (or should I say, too lazy) to go to the supermarket, but when I do, I’m gonna give it a try. I’m gonna glue the crack on the bolt and try to attached in back to its place. If that does not work, then I’ll have to glue the bolt directly to the stabilizer rod. If that does not work either, then I have no choice but to declare my V-Max grounded and retired:D.

On the other hand, it has been awhile since I left my Snowfox collect some dust in the corner of my room. So, I decided to break it up into pieces and take the motor and maybe the receiver inside the Snowfox for my electronics experiment with Arduino. I know it may sounds crazy but it is better them leaving it behind to collect dust. I’m also gonna break the transmitter apart and see what can I take:D.

On the other hand again, I’ve been doing some research on bigger RC helicopter that I had been planning to buy since couple month later. It turned out that bigger RC helicopter (4ch or more) are too expensive for my budget and there are too much things to do (like buying a simulator for training, buying spare parts, etc) before I can get to fly the RC helicopter. So, I decided to buy 3.5ch RC helicopter and my choice goes to Ferly RC helicopter. Here is some picture of my brand new RC helicopter, Ferly.

My Ferly – Photo  01

My Ferly – Photo 02

My Ferly – Photo 03

Ferly is almost four times bigger that V-Max ant it cost me 500.000 rupiah to buy it (cost twice much more that V-Max). It is a 3.5channel controlled, so the control will be quite similar with the V-Max. However, due to its big size, I can’t play it inside my room. Another thing is that the rotor spins relatively really fast that it is dangerous to stand close to Ferly. When I tested it, I accidentally flew Ferly near a cardboard and the cardboard was smoothly cut as if it is a paper. That’s it. I’m not playing this thing in my room. Here is a picture of my Ferly with my V-Max and Snowfox to give you an idea about how big Ferly is.

Ferly, V-Max, and Snowfox – Photo 01

Ferly, V-Max, and Snowfox – Photo 02

Since I’m too scared to fly Ferly inside my room, right now I’m still looking for a good place to fly Ferly. I’m thinking about the front yard of my housing:D maybe tomorrow morning. Right now, I’m gonna get back to my thesis and write some more.



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7 Responses to Another Toys: Ferly RC Helicopter

  1. Budi says:

    Please do write some follow up. I inted to buy this copter. thx.

  2. Gabo says:

    Hello, i don’t have a lot of experience on RC helicopters so i don’t know about where to find resources. I just got a ferly like the one you show on this review. can you give me some advice on spare parts? i’m thinking about getting a crash kit but the manuals don’t say anything about part numbers. do you have a list for that or at least do you know where can i find one?

    Thanks for your help

    • Hello, Gabo…
      First, let me tell you something: I’m also inexperienced on RC Helicopters:D. In fact, my Ferly is my third RC (the other two already broken down, thankfully they are cheap:D) and I’m still learning to fly it. Regarding the sparepart, I’ve crashed my Ferly several times but it still works just find, so up until now, I also doesn’t have any idea where to look or what sparepart to look for:D. My advice is that avoid crashing your RC so you don’t need to buy any sparepart:D…

  3. Whatever you people think. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. I bought one today. Charged up the copter for the 180 minutes like they recommended. Put in the 8 double A batteries and connected the little wire into the controller like the instructions on the back of the controller and then BOOM, and smoke started pouring from the helicopter. Defintely not worth the money because I never got the fly it even once and inserted the battery pack into the controller like they instructed. Piece of crap if you ask me.

  4. Pouring from the controller I mean. Not the helicopter.

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