Ferly Flight Log – 2011May02

Flight Condition

Date: 2 May 2011

Time: 00:30PM-00:45PM

Location: In front of my housing

Weather: Good

Wind Strength: Medium

This is my first outdoor flight with Ferly. While I’m experienced with 3.5ch indoor flight, I thought that 3.5ch outdoor flight will be quite similar. I was wrong. Outdoor flight was way harder. At first, I managed to fly Ferly up to 1.5-2meters altitude and trimmed it well, but when a small wind blew, Ferly started to drift away. I tried my best to fight the wind but I still haven’t get the grasp in how to fight the wind. Sometimes I succeeded, sometimes I didn’t and I don’t have any choice but to land to avoid damage to my Ferly. I don’t know if the wind was too strong, but I’m gonna try again this night. Let’s hope that my skill are improving:D.

Flight Summary

Today’s Flight Hours: 0h15m

Total Flight Hours: 0h15m

Longest Continuous Flight: maybe 30 seconds

Damage: Several light scratch on main rotor

Flight Ratings: E

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