Sudoku Reloaded!

Several weeks ago, I created a post about Sudoku and shared my MATLAB code for solving Sudoku puzzle. Sadly, it turns out that my code was a failure. It can solve up to several hard-difficulty puzzle in but it fails for most of hard-difficulty puzzles and all evil-difficulty puzzle (Yes! Evil difficulty. I wonder why they naming it evil. Why not Super Hard or Very Hard?). Seeing this, my obssessive compulsif disorder kicks in and I decided to improve my code. Osh!

After reviewing the code, I knew that the algorithm was a mess and it does not allow me to implement guessing scheme (step 4 in the previous Sudoku! post). I also found out that several block was repeated for several time but I didn’t make it as a local function. Man, What the hell was I thinking when I created this code? This is a complete mess. So, I decided to throw away this code and start again from the scratch.

So, yesterday, I woke up 9AM and started re-creating my Sudoku Solver with the guessing scheme. After a litre of tears and sweats, it is 5PM and I finally finished the code, Yay! (dancing happily). Then, I tested this code against the evil-difficulty puzzle in and guess what, it works (Yay!). I have tested this for 4 or 5 of the evil-diffuclty puzzle and my code worked for all of them. Thanks to 8 hours well wasted in creating this code, now I’m listed as top 1% for evil-difficulty puzzle in

The cool thing about this new code is that since the guessing scheme is implemented to solve very hard puzzle, it can also be used to generate a random sudoku puzzle. Yeah, by inserting a completely blank board as the input for this code, the code will create a random completed Sudoku puzzle. Thus, with this code, I can also generate my own puzzle simply by removing several numbers from the completed Sudoku board. It’s like killing two birds with one stone:D.

In the night (still yesterday), I created GUI for my Sudoku solver code. This GUI can be used to start a Sudoku game or to solve a puzzle that you cannot solve (no offense:D). Here are several screenshot of the GUI.

 MATLAB Sudoku – Screenshot 01

 MATLAB Sudoku – Screenshot 02

MATLAB Sudoku – Screenshot 03

 MATLAB Sudoku – Screenshot 04

 MATLAB Sudoku – Screenshot 05

 MATLAB Sudoku – Screenshot 06

As usual, the Sudoku solver code (SudokuSolver.m) and its GUI (Sudoku.m) is shared to all of you and you can download the m-files from my MATLAB Fun Toolbox page. You are welcomed to download the m-files and if you do, please leave me any comments or critics or suggestion so that I can improve my code:D. Hope this is useful for you (and also fun).



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