Thesis Log – 2011June14

Start of Log

Today is the 14th of June 2011 and I’m getting desperate. I must do my defense no later than 12 August, but I still haven’t know yet what experiment to do. I also found out that some of my error analysis was wrong and I found some strangeness in my code. Now, I’m writing this log as a runaway.

For the last month, my progress was doing error analysis, but it turned out wrong so I have to redo it. I’m also building the GUI for my code and  think that this was the most significant progress for the last month. The writing is still 90 pages and haven’t improved any bit. There is also force determination code that I haven’t finished yet. So, what am I gonna do? Now, I’m gonna make a list of my to-do items and update the list everytime I clear an item on that list. Hopefully, with this list, I can increase my pace and graduate on time.. Osh!!!

Here is my current to-do list

  • Re-check the code for 2 order window deformation method
  • Re-do error analysis
  • Do literature study for the experiment
  • Keep on writing the thesis

Okay, I think that’s enough for this log. Now let’s head back to work. Wish me luck guys…

End of Log

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