Thesis Log – 2011June30

Start of Log

Today is the last day of June 2011. After two weeks of blodshed and tears, I finally finished my error analysis. I also has wrote it to my report and that makes my report 110pages now. Yeah, it was a very significant progress and I couldn’t be more happier. Right now, all that left to do is the experiment itself and the force determination code (which is still unclear whether I will code this or use my senior code (which is, according to my advisor, bad)).

Since my last to-do list has been cleared, it’s time to make another list. Here is my new to-do:

  • Write the force determination code
  • Deciding what experiment to do and do it
  • Finishing the report

The thing is that it seems that the laser device in our lab is broken (although it can still be used for experiment). So, We need to buy a new one. I’m currently researching about which laser to buy. I’ve contacted several manufacturer and it turned out that the price was way too expensive and I think it is impossible for my lab to buy it. So, right now, I’m gonna have to try to do the experiment with the broken laser. Please wish me luck on this and please help me pray that the laser device won’t broken down before my experiment is finished:D.

End of Log

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