Last Thursday, I was so happy because the error analysis for my thesis has been completed. So, I decided to fool around little bit and create another MATLAB fun toolbox codes before I continue doing my thesis. After about one hour of meditation, I decided to create Pong game for the next MATLAB fun toolbox code. Another option such as face recognition code crossed over my mind, but I had enough of Image Processing in my thesis, so I decided to just make Pong game instead.

Pong is a simple game that features a ball and two paddle. This game was created by Atari in the early days of video gaming. In Pong game, each player control a paddle and must prevent the ball from passing through his/her paddle by moving his/her paddle up and down. Just like a tenis table but in a very simplified manner. The following video shows how pong is played.

Since the original Pong is simple, I decided to make not the original pong games, but a modified one. I called this game: AeroPong! Aero Pong is similar with the original pong game. However, to make things more interesting and to make ball movement more unpredictable, each player can create source flow or sink flow from his/her paddle that will affect the ball movement. Yup! With this, the ball movement will be more unpredictable and it will be more fun. This is similar to Steve Taylor’s Plasma Pong, but it is more simpler because AeroPong only simulates potential low.

After spending couple hours, I finally finished created AeroPong (Yay!). Some improvement is still needed especially for the artificial intelligence for controlling Computer’s paddle movement and some visual improvement can also be done. However, I don’t wanna spend to much time on this game (because I must do my thesis:D), so I decided to just wrapped it up and update it later.

Here is the several screenshot of my AeroPong:

 MATLAB AeroPong – Screenshot 01

MATLAB AeroPong – Screenshot 02

MATLAB AeroPong – Screenshot 03

MATLAB AeroPong – Screenshot 04

MATLAB AeroPong – Screenshot 05

As usual, the code for this game is free for everyone and can be downloaded from my MATLAB Fun Toolbox page. The code is still not perfect yet and some improvement can still be made, so any of your critics, comments, or suggestion is greatly welcomed. Feel free to download the code and leave me a comment.



Update for this post: Aeropong Issue!

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