Fun Toolbox Update and AeroPong Issue

Today, I was playing around with my Fun Toolbox and found a screen resolution problem with all of my GUI code. Because I used normalized unit, the GUI will be misscaled when it is executed in a low resolution monitor. So, I tweaked my code a little bit and has already repost it in my MATLAB Fun Toolbox page. Voila! Problem solved!

Unfortunately, I also found major bug in my AeroPong code. It is gonna talk awhile to fix it. So, I downgraded my AeroPong into Pong code and post it in my MATLAB Fun Toolbox page, while on the other hand, I’m removing my AeroPong code for awhile. I’m still gonna fix  the bug issue in my AeroPong code but in the meantime, you can see the ‘downgraded’ Pong code for the substitution until the AeroPong code is ready:D.



Update for this post: Upgrading Pong!

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