Celebrating My First Submission at Mathworks.com

Does anyone know MATLAB file exchange center? It is a site where you can find shared MATLAB’s codes created by many users from around the world and download them for free. I found this site several years ago  when I was just started learning MATLAB. If you are looking for a functions that does not included in MATLAB built-in functions, your best bet is to look it here before you look for it elsewhere or even before you create the function yourself.

It turns out that the files that are shared and uploaded in the MATLAB file exchange center are not just an arbitrary code. Every code submitted was reviewed before it is posted online. So, I thought I’d give it a try and submitting one of my code. I looked at several files to see which code that has been published and after several thought, I decided to post my potential flow simulator code, because no one has done it.

Tweaked Potentiallow2DSim_GUI.m Screenshot 1

Tweaked Potentiallow2DSim_GUI.m Screenshot 2

Tweaked Potentiallow2DSim_GUI.m Screenshot 3

So, long story short, I tweaked my potential flow simulator code a bit and submitted it yesterday morning to be reviewed. Actually, I wasn’t expecting much because all the code posted there were good and I thought I’d fail. However, this morning I checked my mail and found out that my code got accepted. So I decided to tell you guys to share my happiness (and to boast myself a little:D). Here is the page for my 2D Potential Flow Simulator code. Please check out the page and leave a comment:D.

Since this code go accepted, I decided that I’m gonna submit more of my code to the MATLAB file exchange center. The next code that I have in mind is the source panel method code. However I’m gonna tweaked a little bit first before I submit it so that it looks better:D.

Well, I thinks that’s enough for today. Now off to shower and then off to campus…



NB: Although the code is submitted to MATLAB file exchange center, you can still download it from my MATLAB Aerodynamics Toolbox page.

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2 Responses to Celebrating My First Submission at Mathworks.com

  1. linkse says:

    accepted already?? makan2 traktir Pen!

  2. Yorgi says:

    bang ajarin pake GUI dong bang, pleaseeeeee

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