Thesis Log – 2011October02

Start of Log

After two bloody month of doing PIV experiments (and not posting anything in this blog), I finally finished my thesis. Well, actually, it is not quite finished yet. I have done my thesis seminar (It’s like an open presentation) and it turned out quite well. However, I still have to face the upcoming thesis defense at 5th October and my writing might be subjected to revision. So, let’s just say that it is almost done and let’s pray that I can do my defense well and get an A.

So, right now, I have quite much very time considering that I only need to do minor revision from my seminar. I have spent the last few days helping undergraduate student to graduate and avoid getting drop out. I also have spent the last two days having fun with my friends and my girl. So tonight, I’m gonna get back to my thesis and do some simulation and image training for my upcoming defense. However, before moving on to it, I decided to tell you this, so that all of you know that I’m still alive and will be updating this blog again.

Since I’m going to do some simulation for my defense, I might as well tell you a brief explaination about my entire thesis in this post as a start (and because I haven’t tell anything in detail about my entire work from the past thesis log).  So, here goes:

In my thesis, I developed two codes in MATLAB. The first code is DPIV image processing code and the second code is force determination code from DPIV measured flow field. After I developed these codes, I did several evaluations to make sure that these code works correctly. Both quantitative and qualitative evaluations were done. Lastly, I conducted several simple DPIV experiments to investigate flapping wing on continuous hovering flight and to apply my codes for real experiments.

As for the DPIV image processing code, I created several m-files in MATLAB with several GUIs to load several images and process those images to obtain velocity field at all time instances. My code implements continuous window shifting and first order window deformation to improve its accuracy. Quantitative evaluations were performed to assess the code’s general accuracy, its subpixel displacement handling, and its robustness to high velocity gradient and the results show that my code performs well than the previous code developed in my lab (Yay:D).

For the force determination code, I also created several m-files in MATLAB and a GUI to read velocity field at all time instances (from image processing result) to measure fluid dynamic force acting on the body inside the flow field. Evaluations were done by using data from CFD simulation and from real DPIV experiments provided by Suryadi (2011) and the result was satisfactory. It is also found that my code is less sensitivy to the selection of domain of integration for force determination (Yay again:D).

To apply both codes, several simple DPIV experiments were conducted to investigate flow field around flapping wing in a continuous hovering flight. An arduino code and a MATLAB script m-file were written to control wing’s motion while acquiring images at the same time. Several diffuculties were found, mainly because of the inappropriate laser used for my experiment. Nevertheless, the experiments were performed successfully and the codes has been successfully applied. A brief analysis on the flow fields resulting from the experiments and codes aplications was also given.

Fiuh… There, I’ve said it. That’s  it, all that I have done for my thesis. I hope I write it in such way that everybody understand. Now its time to close my IE and open up my powerpoint presentation. As usual, please wish me luck on my thesis defense.

End of Log

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  1. linkse says:

    aseeekkk penutupnya,, end of log, gaya!

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