Wing Photography November 2011

Last week, I went to Manado for vacation (and other family stuff) and just got back in Jakarta yesterday afternoon. I spent three hours on a plane flying to Manado from Jakarta and another three hours flying back to Jakarta. Luckily, I was seated at window seats in both flight, so I took out my friend’s camera that I borrowed for this occassion and took a thousand pictures of the aircraft’s wing. Since I don’t have any sense of photography, I just took all random shots and asked my girl to sort out the good picture. It turns out that I don’t have any good picture, but just a couple of  ‘okay’ pictures. Fortunately, I find that this ‘okay’ pictures looks good enough for me, so I decided to make a flickr account, post these ‘okay’ pictures of wing in high resolution album called ‘Wing Photography’, and share these pictures in this very blog. Yeah, and I hope I can add more pictures to this album as soon as I fly again. So here is the ‘okay’ pictures of my first Wing Photography album.

This is the first set of pictures (that I took in my flight to Manado). It is Garuda Indonesia’s Boeing B737-800NG.

This is the second set of pictures (that I took in my flight back to Jakarta). It is Garuda Indonesia’s classic Boeing B737-300 (and yeah, it does not have any winglets).

I do realize that my photography skill is somewhere between monkeys holding a digital camera so your bad critics about these pictures is expected (and anticipated).



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One Response to Wing Photography November 2011

  1. linkse says:

    gaya lah 737-800NG,, i ever took some but the position wasnt that good..

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