2012 Resolution

It has been a month in 2012 and I realized that I haven’t post anything in 2012. So, while waiting for the Lunar new year, let me write my first post in 2012 by making resolution for 2012.

So, here goes my resolution for 2012:

  • Master C, C#, and/or C++. Yup, as you all may know, I’m pretty confident in my programming skills in MATLAB. I can do pretty much everything using MATLAB: doing standard numerical calculations, controlling hardware, creating CFD codes, creating games, creating 3D animation, and so many other stuff. Unfortunately, in UAVindo (a technology company that I currently work in), MATLAB is, well, underestimated and they seems to be doing everthing in C#. So, I think why not learning C# and maybe also the sisters: C++ and C. There is no wrong in learning something new, right?
  • Have 5-10 more code in my MATLAB Aerodynamics Toolbox.
  • Have 5 more code in my MATLAB Fun Toolbox.
  • Have 2 or 3 more files in mathworks file exchange (MATLAB Central)
  • Finish my unfinished debt for this blog. Yup, if you are jobless enough to follow this blog, you may noticed that I have several promise that I haven’t been abble to fulfill yet, such as the AeroPong, the MATLAB Flight Performance Toolbox, and other stuff (which I have forgotten, haha). I hope that I can finish them all in the first semester of this year.

Well, I think that’s all that I’m gonna do for year 2012. I hope this isn’t too much and I can meet this resolution. Now, off to my MATLAB and let me say Happy Lunar New Year to you all!!!



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