Broken Links in My Shared Resource Page

Thanks to SOPA and PIPA, is now closed and I need to find a new way to share my codes and update all the broken links inside My Shared Resources Page. Several other file hosting web such as and came into minds, but seeing that is now also closed (Well, not exactly closed), there is no guarantee that these will not be closed also. So, after several thought and meditation, I decided to use dropbox:D.

While I just started using dropbox (because one of my university projects required me to use dropbox), it’s gonna take awhile to update all the broken links with the new dropbox links. So, in the mean time, I would like you to use my referals and install the dropbox so that I can increase my file size quota:D. Here is the link for my dropbox referal:

zerocross_raptor’s dropbox referal

Well, I think this concludes my notification for the broken links in my toolboxes. I hope that I can get it all fixed by this afternoon.



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