MATLAB Othello and MATLAB Snake – A Better Video Demo

In my post about MATLAB Othello and MATLAB Snake, a video demo was added in each post to show the animation that I’ve created for the game. However, since I took those video using my old cellphone (Yeah, old, no iPhone or any other fancy cellphone with high res camera), the quality of these videos are very-very bad. I also forgot to turn off the voice recording, which makes the video contain noises or sound from mp3 or movie that I playes at that time with my other laptop.

Fortunately, now I have a decent video recording software on my hands for a video documentary that I currently working on. I used this software to screen-record my last game, MATLAB DoodleJump, and the resulting video is good, or should I say, much better than my cellphone-captured video. So I decided to re-take another video demo for my MATLAB Othello and MATLAB Snake game and repost it here for your eyes.

A better video demo of MATLAB Othello:

A better video demo of MATLAB Snake:


Well, that’s all that I’m gonna say for this post. I hope the new video fits more in your eyes:D.



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