My M14x – The Reason Behind My Absence

Time goes by very quickly and it has been more than a month away since my last post. Yup, things was pretty crazy lately. I’ve been involved with several projects in my campus and it quite takes my time. However, that’s not the reason why I’m not posting anything, not even a simple blog post for one and a half month. The one to be blamed for this was my brand new Alienware m14x laptop. (Hell Yeah, baby…)

I bought this laptop somewhere in the beginning of March. The reason why I bought new laptop is because my previous HP DV3000 laptop was broken. I brought this laptop to Japan somewhere in the middle of February and when I try to turn it on there (in Japan), it made some weird noises before booting and it did not boot properly. When I come back to Indonesia, I spent almost a week, trying to recover and revive my DV3000, but it still could not boot. I even tried to reset it to original factory setting but it did not help. I suspected that the problem is in the harddisk (because it failed the self diagnostic test). Since my DV3000 is already old (I bought this in 2008, so it is almost four years) and it already has so many problems like the battery problems (read: My Laptop’s Battery Life Problem), I thought that itwas a good time to retire my DV3000 and bought new laptop. And that’s when the m14x enters the story.

I spent one week in doubt and despair trying to choose the right laptop for me. All I want is a powerful laptop for gaming (Yeah, because since I switch from desktop to my DV3000, I had to stop playing high-end game because of my DV3000’s lack of specification) but small/light enough to be carried to my office or campus everyday. ASUS’s gaming laptop series came into mind at first but it is too big and too heavy to be carried everyday. I think it’s more of mobile desktop than laptop. My brother recommended Razr laptop, but unfortunately the series that I want is not out for sale yet in Indonesia. So, my selection falls to Alienware m14x.

Actually, several reviews that I took a look at in the internet says that m14x (and all other Alienware laptops) are relatively more expensive than other gaming laptop with similar spec. Its like you are paying more because of its well-known brand. However, it is also said that this is the most powerful 14″ laptops. So, due to mobility issue with other gaming laptop, I then ultimately decided to buy m14x. So, here goes, my brand new m14x in my brand new boarding room:

My Work (or perhaps Play) Station

The cool thing about m14x (and other Alienware laptops) is that they have this special lightning system called AlienFX on their keyboard, mouse, power button, and logo LED that can be modified by user. So, it glows and you can set the color. This feature is indeed the unique identity of all Alienware laptops and it does not exist in other laptops. To tell you the truth, this is also one reason among other that makes me choose m14x:D. And to show off a little bit (hehe), here it is, a close up photo of my m14x’s simple blue AlienFX:

My AlienFX

After I bought my m14x, I automatically went on a gaming spree. I installed Skyrim, Front Mission 5, and HAWX on my m14x and spent all my entire free time in March and early April sitting in front of my desk playing those games. Thanks to all gaming power provided by the m14x, the game just ran smoothly and it made me keep playing all the time nonstop. Consequently, starting March, my productivity falls down into near zero.

Thank god, now those games has been cleared or has become boring for me to play. For the last week, I’ve started to be productive with my projects and hopefully, starting today, I can be more productive with this blog. As a start, I’m gonna finish up my Congklak game which I’ve promised from last year (if I’m not mistaken), but yet to be realized.



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3 Responses to My M14x – The Reason Behind My Absence

  1. Haha boleh lah Pennn!
    Alienware, how much?

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