Congklak – How to Play

As I said in my last post, right now, I’m creating a MATLAB code for Congklak game. The code is almost finished and now I’m testing the game to check if there is any bug or mistakes that I made. In the meanwhile, since Congklak is a traditional game from Indonesia, I wonder it people know how this game is played. I, myself kinda forget about the exact rules because usually this game is played by girls and I did’t get to play this game much in my childhood. So, as an opening, I’m gonna tell you how to play Congklak (although you can also google it and maybe finds better explanation than the one on this post). So, here goes, how to play Congklak!

Indonesian’s Congklak Board

Basically, each player takes turn to play seeds/bean from his/her house (house is a small holes on both player’s side of the board). Playing seed is done by selecting a house on player’s side, taking all beans in it, and moving it forward in counterclockwise direction by putting one seed on all houses that it passes through except the opponent storehouse (store house is a big hole on the left and the right side of the board, each representing player’s score). If the last seed falls on a non-empty house, player continues its turn by taking all seeds in it and moving it forward again. If the last seed falls on the player’s storehouse, player can continue his turn by playing new seed from any houses on player’s side. If the last seed falls on an empty house on player’s side, player takes all seed in player’s house (whose last seed falls in it) and in the opposing house on opponent side to player’s storeroom. This is called shooting and this ends player’s turn. If the last seed falls on an empty house on opponent’s side, player ends turns without shooting. Playing seed is done repeatedly by both player in turns until all seeds in all houses are taken. In the end of the game, player with most seeds in his storehouse wins the game.

To help you understand the game, here is a good video link from youtube that also explains how the game is played.

Well, that’s all I’m gonna post for today. Now back to testing the game. I hope this post can make you understand Congklak, so that you can play it when my code is finished.



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2 Responses to Congklak – How to Play

  1. Jess says:

    The video shows the game begins with one player starts going thru the houses. The rules that I followed say: both players start at the same time. The first player who ends up with no marble to play (e.g. dropping last marble on an empty house) stops playing until the other player stops for the same reason. Then the two players take turn in going thru the houses until they end up on an empty house again. This is a fun game and involves mathematical strategies (it was designed with 7 houses for a reason).

    • Hi, Jess.. Yeah, I agree with you. I also found several references that says that both players start at the same time for the first turn. However, since it is a traditional game, it is not clear which is the correct rules, so I decided to go on with the rules that are easier to code (because I’m too lazy to code complicated stuff:D). Anyway, thank you for your information…

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