A Little Update on Congklak

After I posted my Congklak code last week, I surfed around internet a bit and found out that actually there are several other versions of Congklak. These other versions of Congklak has the same gameplay as the one I explained on Congklak – How to Play post. However, they have different numbers of house on each side and different initial number of beans or seed in each house. Since my Congklak code is set to have only 7 houses on each side and 7 beans on each house and it cannot be changed, I decided to create another code that allows user to change the number of house on each side and the initial number of beans in each house.

So, I spent the last weekend creating the customizable Congklak code from the previous Congklak game. It is fairly easy. All I did was creating a popup window before starting up the game to set up the number of houses and beans and change all constant in the previous code into variables. Modifying the user interface and the animation was a little bit tricky but thank god it was done flawlessly. I’ve also run several test on several Congklak configuration and found no error. So, here it is, the new customizable Congklak:

As usual, this code is shared and can be downloaded from my MATLAB Fun Toolbox page. I’ve also uploaded this code to MathWorks file exchange site because I don’t see anyone has posted any Congklak game or its like there. Hopefully, this will make Congklak more popular in the world:D. As usual, fell free to download the code and leave a critic/comment.



Update on this post: Double Play on Congklak!

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