Double Play on Congklak

Somewhere in April, I posted another MATLAB games, which is Congklak, a traditional board game from Indonesia. Before I made the code, I did some internet research to found out the real or true rules of the gameplay. It turned out that there are two types of rules for Congklak’s gameplay. Basically, both rules are just like what I’ve posted in How to play Congklak post. The difference is at the first play of the game.

The first version of rule that I found says that for the first play in the game, players decides who will play first and then the players take turn to play the game. However, the other version of rule that I found states that for the first play, double play is done. It means that both players play at the same time (choosing house from their side and then moving the beans/or seed in it simultaneously) until both players ended their play. Then, the next turn will be played by the player that ended his/her turn first in the double play. From this, the game is played like usual where players take turn to play.

Unfortunately, since there is no official site for Congklak or official association for Congklak (like FIFA:D), I don’t know which one are true. I’ve also asked some of my girl friends (because this game is commonly played by girl in Indonesia) and some came up with the first version of rules while the others said the second version of rules. Ultimately, since thee first version of rules is easier to code, I decided to hide the truth about the second version of Congklak rules and just post about the first version of the rules in my How to play Congklak post (and fool all of you, hehehe:D).

However, a commenter in my How to play Congklak post, spoke the truth about the other version of Congklak rule that exist. So, I have no choice but to admit that there is another version of Congklak (that I’ve done implicitly through this post:D). I also decided to made another Congklak code for the second version of the rules, considering that I can use the previous Congklak code for the template and just add a little to accomodate the double play. Long story short, here it is, Congklak Reloaded for the second version of the rules.

I’ve tested the code for the double play and it works fine. However, there is one thing that I’m still missing. During the double play, I assumed that both player move their seeds/beans at the same speed (as seen in the video). Meaning that there is no way players’ move was conflicted with each other because they are both putting/taking seeds from the same hole. However, in contrary, I also didn’t found any statement that says that players must move their seeds at the same speed. In fact, some of my friends said that the speed difference is the reason why Congklak game is interesting, because you can’t predict your move as your opponent is also playing. Too bad, I figured it would be quite hard to code, so I just decided to code the double play with the same speed play between each palyer. Maybe in the future, I’ll update the code to accomodate this feature (if I’m not lazy enough:D).

So, I think that’s all about the new Congklak rules and code. As usual, the CongklakReloaded code is shared in my MATLAB Fun Toolbox and you can download it freely from there. Please leave me a comment, critics, or suggestion for the code and please tell me if there is still some bugs in the code (because I didn’t test it for many cases).



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