Koi Photography August 2012

The last two weeks was Ied Mubarak holiday (I hope that was the correct English for lebaran) in Indonesia. Since there were nothing to do in Bandung, I decided to come home for the holiday. While I was home last week, I decided to take another stupid snorkling session after a stupid snorkling session that I did last month (check out the first Koi Photography). Just like the last session, the main goal of this session was to take a good picture of my Dad’s Kois. However, unlike the first session where I take a lot of picture of a group of kois without any main focus/interest, this time, I decided to take a picture on one or two kois only. I also stole some of my dad’s fish food and illegally fed them to get a picture of koi when it is about to resurface.

Just like the last session, I took so many picture (which mostly are crap) and let my girlfriend do the selection and digital imaging. Fortunately, this time, she selected about 20 photos. It was great considering only 9 photos were considered good from the last session. So, she did the editing on those photos while I sat nicely and drank Sprite. And, here goes, the second album of my koi’s photography


Running Away

A Walk in the Pool

Don't Follow Me


Follow You



Race for Food

Confrontation (with the Camera)

Team Leader

Bad Camouflage

The Queen

Wait for Me

Heaven's Scarf 01

Heaven's Scarf 02

Heaven's Scarf 03

Heaven's Scarf 04

The Beauty

Personally, I like the resurfacing picture very much. I don’t know why, but those photos somewhat feels majestic. Too bad I was only able to take three of them because I can’t time it properly (those kois were quick to resurface and come back down after snapping the pellets). I also like the little red fish with scarf-like fin, so I took a lot of picture of him. Too bad I forgot the koi classification name for it. I’m gonna ask my dad later about this but since I probably gonna take more picture of it in the future, let’s just called it “Reddy”:D.

Well, I think that’s all about my second album of koi photo. Please feel free to leave a comment on the photos or maybe share a tips or two about taking underwater picture:D.



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