New Life in Japan

Time passed away and it has been 4 month since my last post. Right now, I have been living in Japan for a month to make some fortune in a Japanese company, leaving behind my families and my passion for aviation (temporarily, I hope :D). While I do miss the comfort of my family, I also enjoy the sense of freedom that I get here. However, I hope that I’m still be able to live my passion for aviation here, either by messing around with X-Plane, playing around with MATLAB, or just by watching some documentary that I will soon forget what it is about :D.

For the last one month (and for the next three month), I was and will be learning japanese language as my first training in the company from 8.30AM to 5.00PM. Everyday there are  also a lot of homework to be done at the night. Luckily, I still got time to do something else other than studying japanese or doing homework. Currently, I’ve been working on creating a simple tetris game and a number guessing game, Bull and Cow, for my MATLAB Fun Toolbox and I will be posting it here in a few days. Let’s hope that I’m gonna stay active in blogging and keep on playing around with MATLAB although I got a lot of japanese stuff to learn:D.

In the  mean time, check out my youtube video for my soon-to-be-posted MATLAB Tetris and its Bejeweled mode.



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