2013 Resolution

It is almost a week in 2013. I took a quick look back at my 2012 resolution and I decided to evaluate myself in terms of my performance for this blog. So, here it is, the evaluation for each point that I made last year:

  • Master C, C#, and/or C++Yup, I was planning to learn at least C# in 2012 because of one projects. While I did learned a little bit about C#, I still haven’t master it yet and there are a lot of this that I haven’t fully understand in terms of OOP (Yeah, OOP is hard, Know I now why information engineering have always has the highest passing grade requirement). I did learned the basic of creating class and its methods and properties and managed to created one, but I still don’t know why did I have to put static or public or anything else. Sometimes the code didn’t work and I just tried putting static and it suddenly worked:D. I still don’t know why. So, for this resolution, I think I must evaluate myself as Failed.
  • Have 5-10 more code in my MATLAB Aerodynamics Toolbox. Yeah, had a plan to expand this toolbox, but it turned out that I haven’t add anything new since last year. So, without doubt, this resolution was: Failed!
  • Have 5 more code in my MATLAB Fun Toolbox. In 2012, by seeing my list of post in this year, I can see that I have posted DoodleJump, Congklak, VirusShooter, Tetris, and Bulls-and-Cows game. It was five games althought the last game (The Bulls-and-Cows) was posted one week before 2012 ended. So, for this resolution,  I can say: Barely Passed! (Fiuh, finally, something that I fulfilled).
  • Have 2 or 3 more files in mathworks file exchange (MATLAB Central). Seeing my profile page in the Mathworks website, I can see that I posted two new code in 2012. It was Congklak and VirusShooter. So, without doubt, for this resolution, I  can say: Barely Passed again! (Yeah!).
  • Finish my unfinished debt for this blog. Well, to be honest, I completely forgot that I still have a lot of unfinished job in this blog. If I wasn’t reading this, I’d probably didn’t remember at all. I have been doing nothing completely for this part. So, this one is: Failed!

Well, two pass out of five. If this was a college, I will get a D and will have to retake the subject again. Thank god it is just a blog. However, I realized that I have to change. I also realized that I posted more programming things than aerospace engineering things in 2012. This made me embaress the ‘All about Aerospace Engineering’ that I put as my blog’s tag line. So, I really need to change things around this blog. And, to do that, here is my resolution for 2013.

  • Focusing only on potential flow, remake the aerodynamic toolbox into library-based instead of individual m-file per function (This is because I’ve learned a little about OOP) and separate the library files and the individual GUI-based m-file on the Aerodynamics Toolbox to make it neater.
  • Create 2 more code for my MATLAB Aerodynamics Toolbox
  • Create 2 more code for my MATLAB Fun Toolbox
  • Post two more code in mahtworks file exchange (MATLAB Central)
  • Finish the unfinished debt for this blog.

Well, I think that’s all the resolution for this year. I’m expecting to be busy because of my work that will start on March, so I hope I’m able to meet those resolutions. Now, if it is not to late, I would like to say Happy New Year! May this year be better than the previous one.



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