MATLAB Songs – My First M-File

Last night, I was wandering aimlessly when I found a youtube link shared by Mathwork’s facebook. The link was about a song called my first m-file and it is about creating m-file and dealing with the red text that pops up in the console window (We hate red in our console window). The song is nice and the lyrics also reminded me of my time when I was learning MATLAB and when I was stuck in my thesis debugging my code (as you probably have read on my Thesis log that was posted in this very log). So, I decided to asked the uploader via youtube comment if I can have the MP3 version of the song. Hopefully he/she’ll agree to it.

While waiting for his/her response, I decided to share his/her song here. So, here is the song of my first m-file. Hope you enjoy it.



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