Hold The Line!

Last week, I was putting the Collision Ball library to my MATLAB Fun Toolbox page and than I realized that there are already a quite number of entries that I’ve made and I think the page has became a little bit cluttered. I also realized that the newest entry, unlike the other previous entries, is not a game. So, in order to make it less cluttered, I decided to reorganize the page and classifying the codes into three categories: The turn-based board games, the action-based arcade-like games, and not-a-game entries.

While doing so, I accidentally came across a piece of code that I made roughly one years ago that is also not a game. So, to accompany the Collision Ball library code, I decided to add this code to the my MATLAB Fun Toolbox page.

This code was about creating a line animation that most of you may recognized it as one of Windows XP’s screen saver. I made it somewhere last year as an example/material when I was teaching a friend about creating simple animation in MATLAB. Somewhere along the line, I forgot that I’ve made this code and is has been sitting there in my hard disk doing nothing. I did want to post this code because I’ve already made a video recording of the code in action uploaded in to youtube already, but I don’t know why, somewhere along the line, I just forgot to do so. So, here I am, posting a code that has been sitting in my hard disk doing nothing but taking space. And here it is, the screen capture of my Line Screen Saver.

Since the code was relatively simple, I thought that it will be a good material for an example for my unfinished MATLAB animation tutorial that I do want to finish but I never did. So, I’m going to update the tutorial  somewhere in the near future with this line screensaver as its example material. But don’t get your hopes high because i tend to not keep my promises  that I made for this blog (Hell, look at all the unfinished X-Plane tutorial and the aerospace stuff).

That’s it for today, a quick post just to post a forgotten code. Now, off to my comfortable bed.



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