Neo Falcon (Finally, Another RC Heli)

Last friday was a bonus day. It is one of the happy day in a year because in this very day, I got a bonus and by bonus, I meant money(:D). Since this is the first bonus in my entire life, I can’t help but feel happy and rich. It is the only day where seeing my bank book does not make me want to cry (although it will make me cry again in no time). While I’m not gonna spend all of it for sure, I also thought that I should spend some of it and buy myself a little something as a reward for my hard work in Japan in this 8 months.

The very first things on my wish list is Lego Mindstorm NXT. Unfortunately it is quite expensive and I’m still in a huge dilemma, whether I should buy that or not. I did have set up an Amazon account and did everything to buy this toy, but when it comes to the final confirmation page,  just back out and closed the page because I still didn’t have the heart to spend money that much, although I really want that so bad. I just hope that some in the future I will have the courage to click that ‘Place your Order’ button. For now, just let it be in my cart.

That being said, I decided to buy other ‘less expensive’ toy for the bonus, perhaps something that does not make my cry when I see the price tag. And that toy is a RC helicopter. As you know, I have some experience playing with 3 channel RC helicopters (if you guys remember, Ferly and VMax). I know it has been a year since I touched a controller but I think it is a good idea to relive this passion of mine again (the passion of flying a helicopter and crashing it over and over again). So, last saturday, I went to RC section in Yodobashi to pick some bad ass RC helicopter.

KyoshoEgg - SpyMaster

One of The Camera RC Helicopter sold in Yodobashi

In that place, there are several RC helicopter shown on display. Among of them, there were some kick-ass camera RC helicopter and they kinda caught my eye. Well, I think it is quite nice if I can take some aerial pictures rather than just fly the heli around the places. It is quite expensive, but not so expensive that it made my or my wallet cry. But then, I remembered that I couldn’t afford to crash this thing because it has camera attached to it and considering that I haven’t play any in like a year, I will crash this thing for sure. Although the camera may be dismounted (I haven’t checked yet, but I suppose it could), thus allowing me to train and crash the heli without the camera, I thought that it would be safer if I just buy the cheaper camera-less one first and train with it until I get my confidence back. So, I took a look around all the RC helicopter for like about an hour before I finally decided to buy Neo Falcon.

NeoFalcon 01

NeoFalcon and Allie

NeoFalcon 02


Neo Falcon is pretty much the same with my previous VMax. It is 3 channel with two main rotor and one tail rotor, with total length around 20cm except that the price is almost twice Vmax’s (Hiks, this is why I hate Japan, everything is more expensive here). It is 4600yen, which is maybe around 500.000 rupiah. However, I did realize that Neo Falcon is made by a Japanese company instead of some random Chinese company, so, I’m also expecting some qualities in this thing. As I set my heart straight, I took Neo Falcon and some rechargeable AA batteries for the controller and went straight to cashier.

So, Sunday the day after, I spent quite some time trying to fly Neo Falcon on my room while keeping the crash count minimum. I did crash it a lot at my first session, but after that, I remembered how to do it and ended up finishing the entire third session without crashing at all (except for when I let go of my right hand because I had to stratch my back and no, it didn’t count as crashing).

About Neo Falcon itself, the first thing I noticed about Neo Falcon is that it can be trimmed easily. It has been awhile since I flied VMax so I can’t compared it for sure, but I do feel trimming Neo Falcon was a lot easier. The trimming did not overshoot much and the trim also didn’t need to be changed much during the flight as the battery power gets weaker causing the main rotor’s rotation ratio to change. When I was flying VMax, I remembered that I had to re-trim quite often due to this loss of battery power, but with Neo Falcon, I just needed to re-trimmed when the battery is almost out. Neo Falcon’s controller also uses slider for trim control instead of button, thus making trimming more comfortable.

On the other hand, while I didn’t exactly timed it, I did feel that Neo Falcon have longer flight time with VMax. However, one thing that I clearly noticed is that while VMax’s performance dropped gradually as its battery depleted, Neo Falcon somehow could retain same performance almost across its flight time. It is only when the battery is almost completely depleted you’ll notice some performance degradation and it was quite a steep degradation. I thought this may be why not much re-trimming is needed during a flight. While each as it’s own advantages and disadvantages (sudden performance degradation may lead to fatal crash), it is easier to have a constant performance over quite long time. That way, I can play around more without wasting flight time for trimming because with my current skill, I can’t fly it around and trim it at the same time. I have to make it stand still while I trim it:D.

Anyway, after the sunday session, I was pretty confident so I decided to play again monday the next day, but this time, with a little crazy/suicidal challenge. I tried to take a picture of Neo Falcon during flight. Yup, that means I have to hover it and keep it controlled with my left hand on the throttle and take a picture with my right hand. It was pretty hard especially when you wanted to zoom in to get better images and I did crash once when I tried this, but the attempt was successful and I managed to take some shots of Neo Falcon in flight. I even managed to take a shot while Neo Falcon does this fly over thingy (Proud!). So, to show off a little bit, here it is, Neo Falcon in action!

NeoFalcon 03

NeoFalcon 04

NeoFalcon 05

NeoFalcon 06

NeoFalcon 07

Honestly, actually I never had this crazy idea before (with Snow Fox, Vmax, or Ferly), but somehow I managed it (I was pretty amazed myself). I might probably do it again and post some more cool pics in the future. Nevertheless, I have to remind you though not to try this at home. At least don’t do this before you perfectly trim your RC, because you won’t be able to yaw it when you are holding the camera.

Well, that’s quite enough post for show off. Now it’s time to hop on to my bed. As a closing remarks, let me show you this overly-blown Hi-Res Neo Falcon under my Allie’s AlienFX. Hope you enjoy this post.

Neo Falcon under AlienFX



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