The Future of This Blog and New Project Listing

Okay, this is bad. It has been officially more than a year since my last post and I also haven’t made any new addition to my toolbox or library or whatsoever within this year and last year. While I do have a lot of valid reason to excuse me from contributing to this blog (work, coursera, and other stuff), excuse is still an excuse. Somehow, I feel that I have to make a good comeback or I’ll end up neglecting this blog FOREVER. Desperate condition calls for desperate action.

So, I decided to make my comeback from now on. However, unlike the previous posts where I mostly explain or promote the newest addition to my MATLAB Fun Toolbox or other resources, I decided to make it as simple as project report. It will be pretty much like my thesis progress report that I wrote regularly in the past. But, instead of writing about my thesis (that god it is over), I’m going to write about my personal projects. I have some personal project in mind that I just kept in my mind and haven’t done anything about it. So, hopefully, this will make my blog alive again and get my motivation up again in blogging (and showing my skills off).

So, here it is, my personal project that I have in mind that I am going to do from now on (Hopefully).

  1. MATLAB Standardization Projects. Yup, I am always known for my highly acute OCD. And in relation with my MATLAB coding, I always try to keep my coding style consistent between one and another. Unfortunately, as the time goes and my skill develops, I find it that some of my coding style is inefficient or ineffective and has to be changed. That leads to an inconsistency between codes that I made. And, since MATLAB itself didnt state any official coding style to follow, so, I just decided to make my own. I am gonna start by making a template code for script or function m-file (class m-file will have to wait since it is quite complex and I havent get a real firm hang on it) and making some GUI function called ‘new’, that will help me or maybe other user with OCD to keep the inconsistency of their coding style by creating template for new m-files. At the same time, I will also write a book (Well, not exactly a book, but more of a note) for general rules in coding style that cannot be included in the template file (such as rules for variable naming and stuff).
  2. Rearranging and renewing MATLAB Fun Toolbox. Again, this still have something to do with my OCD. I took a quick look at several of my codes and see that some of then was horrible and inconsistent with my current coding style (see item no 1). And, some codes are also using specialized toolbox instead of just the general built-in, thus, rendering them useless until you have the said toolbox installed in your MATLAB. So, I decided just to rewrite it and rearrange it slowly one by one. No deadline is chasing me anyway other than my own personal sense of guilt (for playing too much Path of The Exile).
  3. Continuing the MATLAB tutorial. Yup, I haven’t made any announcement about it but somewhere early this year, I created a simple tutorial about making an animation. I decided to make it since I could find any good material in the internet that covers that. Well, probably because noone really use MATLAB for such silly thing like I do. So, I make the tutorial and it turned out to be the one that gave me more traffic. So, I decided that I am gonna make some more to create more traffic. Who knows, maybe I can land a job in Mathworks from this (Yeah, right, I wanna work in Mathworks if I can :D).
  4. Other unclear project that I still have no idea where to start. This include continuing building and sharing X-Plane aircraft that I made (although they have a website for that), a project to create some kind of MATLAB X-Plane mash-up, and a project to create something related to hydropower (which is what I do now). But again, this projects are really unclear and good chances that I wont do them. I’ll just put them here to make this post seems more longer and useful :D.

Well, that’s all for this post. Now time to make it real and do something useful. Well, maybe not now, it is late and I have to sleep cause tomorrow is Monday and Monday means work.


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