Koi Photography July 2012

Last November 2011, I went snorkeling in Bunaken. The view of the underwater scenery was great. There were a wide variety of fishes down there (including the famous Nemo!) and the coral reef between the shallow area and the deep area were stunning. Too bad, at that time, I didn’t have any underwater camera. So, the view were just kept in my memories instead of in a photograph and now it has started to fade (or maybe it already has). Since then, I’ve always dreamed of having an underwater camera:D.

Fortunately, after 10 month of working to the bone and cutting my meal allowance, I finally save enough money and earlier this month, I decided to buy an underwater camera. So, there goes my lifetime saving, for a 11cmx6cmx2cm box that can take picture underwater.

Unfortunately, after I bought the camera, I didn’t have any money left to go for another trip and do some snorkeling. It’s a shame. Having an underwater camera, but I only use it to take dry shoots. So, since I didn’t want to waste the underwater capability of my camera (and I wanted to test the underwater capability), I decided to go home two weeks ago and went snorkeling in my dad’s koi pond to test my camera.

At first, my dad didn’t let me to do it. He was afraid that I would scare the fishes and make them stressed out. Yeah, my dad loves his koi more than he loves me:D. However, after some brute negotiation, he finally allowed me to have a little swim in his pond. So, there was I, with my complete snorkeling gear, only to do some snorkeling in a 2mx3m sized koi pond.

I did spent about half hour inside the pond before I finally stopped because it was getting cold. I did take several photos, but only very few were good. The rest were just crap. Taking underwater photograph turned out to be quite hard, because the fishes were always moving and maybe because I lack motor control that are needed to swim quietly and not scare the fishes away. Furthermore, the water also tasted strange. Unlike seawater which is salty or lake water which is fresh, this one feels strange. Probably because the water was just circulated and never get replaced.

Long story short, I asked my girlfriend, who, I believe, have a good knowledge of photography and digital imaging, to chose several picture and edited them. Only nine photos were selected and the rest were considered crap (hiks:/). She did a quick adjustment on the photo and the result were quite good, but that’s probably because of her digital imaging skill instead of my photography skill. And, so, here it is, nine picture of my dad’s koi.

Leading the pack
Crossing the pond
Looking for some fresh air
Against the wind
Just Chillin'
On a date
Just swimmin'Since this is my first underwater shoot, I kinda satisfied with those photos above. Although, to tell you the truth, I shouldn’t increase the brightness exposure because it led to more noise. Nevertheless, I’m satisfied. Now, I’m currently searching for tips and trick on the internet to improve my underwater shooting skill. I also hope that I can (and also have the money) to do another trip, so that I can take open underwater picture, instead of snorkeling in a pond like a retard. So, wish me luck, both on my skill improvement, and on my money savings:D.



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